The Imtech Way

The Imtech way

A Better Experience

The Imtech Way ensures a better customer experience across all projects. This includes the benefits of greater efficiencies, minimisation of waste and improved communication throughout the lifecycle of the project.

We’re committed to delivering excellence and innovation, furthering our evolution as market leaders. To uphold this ambition, we work to ensure that excellence is threaded throughout the customer experience using our unique approach, The Imtech Way.

The Imtech Way allows us to integrate consistent ways of working across Imtech Engineering Services, an approach embraced by every member of our organisation, influencing every decision we make on a customer project.

In practice, the Imtech Way is our approach to operational excellence, adopted by all areas of the business to drive consistent performance. On a more granular level, it means each project consistently adheres to the Imtech processes and brand, visually, emotionally and in practical delivery, no matter the client nor complexity and location of the project.

The Imtech Way achieves this through:

  • Visual management tools on all projects to facilitate planning and control
  • Structured setting-to-work procedures to ensure safe, efficient working
  • Collaborating with customers and supply chain on planning & production control
  • Ensuring senior management remain connected and supportive on all projects
  • Data collection and analysis on all projects to drive continuous improvements
  • Implementing appropriate DFMA and digital solutions to deliver successful projects
  • Building skillsets and training our people in lean construction techniques